How Does Insurance for Scooters Work in the Netherlands? Read All About It Here!

Have you just bought or are you planning to buy a scooter or moped? In the Netherlands, all motorized vehicles are required to be insured for third-party liability (WA). So owners of mopeds, scooters and motorcycles are also required to be insured. As with car insurance, the basic insurance, the WA moped insurance, is an obligation and can be expanded with various additional coverages for the so called scooterverzekeringen in The Netherlands.

Third-party Insurance Vs. All-risk Insurance

The obligatory insurance you take out is the third-party insurance. This insurance covers you for liability for damage you cause to third parties with your moped, scooter or moped. The standard third-party insurance does not cover the damage to your moped. You can take out additional insurance for this by means of a WA limited casco insurance. This also takes into account the damage to your moped in an accident. Rather run almost no risk? An all-risk insurance is also possible for mopeds.

Additional Insurance

With scooter insurances it is also possible to take out additional insurance. You can insure yourself for damage caused by theft or damage caused by certain weather conditions, such as hail or storm. And what about damage to your belongings in a collision? These are not standardly insured, but you can add them via an additional clause.

Not Only for New Scooters

Even if you buy a used scooter or moped you are obliged to insure it. A possible difference in premium can occur here. Some insurers offer a total loss cover for a new scooter, whereby the new value is reimbursed for a short period. If you buy a second-hand scooter, then damage insurance always covers the current value of the goedkope bromfietsverzekering.

Also for High-speed E-bikes and Speed Pedelecs

Recently, more and more e-bikes with higher speed capabilities and speed pedelecs are appearing on the web. These are becoming increasingly popular for commuting. For these “fast” motorized bikes you are also required to take out insurance. These vehicles, up to 50cc, can be insured under a moped or motorized bicycle insurance if they have a moped or motorized bicycle license plate.

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